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Providing theatrical set rentals to Long Island!


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  Barteld Theatrical Productions Inc.

 1-    A theatrical set, set piece and specialty prop rental business. ·         Barteld Theatrical Productions Inc. set rental division will offer creative, reliable, easily transportable sets, set pieces and specialty props. We will meet with the clients appropriate production staff to determine requirements and needs for each production. Subjects such as space constraints, technical requirements, budgets and all production needs will be addressed. We will offer the client a proposal including sketches or pictures of available set and set pieces and determine the amount for rental. When agreed upon, we will deliver a complete and finished set, reconstruct it if needed, fine tune and then de-construct (strike) when rental period is complete. All sets, set pieces and props will be designed, built and painted at our warehouse location. It is common practice in the Long Island theatre community for sets to be built on site. This causes numerous problems including scheduling of time for builders to have access to the theatre and stage, mess from construction, potential hazards to actors and crew who generally have to rehearse on or around construction materials and equipment.   Benefits of renting a set or set pieces from Barteld Theatrical Productions Inc. include not having your theatre space turned into a workshop with construction mess and clutter while you are in final rehearsals for your show. A completed set arriving for delivery and re-constructed on location with little to no actual building is a major benefit to any theatre owner or school drama department. The producers of these shows do not have to go through the process of finding a scenic designer, carpenters and painters and scheduling them to work together as well as arranging for the purchase and delivery of materials. By building at our location and delivering to the renter, we will make the process considerably easier and less stressful.

   All the potential headaches will be resolved with the consultation of our staff and the professional installment we provide. Not only are these problems solved, but you will have a set your performers will be proud to perform on and your audience will marvel at the creativity and professional quality of the set. Our goal is to make our customers wonder why they didn’t call us sooner.